Max's Floral Workshop

I am so excited you chose to join my first floral workshop! I hand picked each item so know that everything is Max approved. Click on each project picture to shop the supplies. Supplies are limited. I will do my best to find a substitution if an item runs out.


 Small Patriotic Truck Project

1 truck
1 red floral bush
1 white filler bush
1 top hat pick
1 patriotic ball pick

Large Patriotic Truck Project

1 truck
1 roll patriotic ribbon
1 Blue wax flower bush
1 greenery bush
2 patriotic floral bush

Swag Project

1 swag base
1 roll cream mesh
1 roll pink ribbon
1 roll gray ribbon
2 Pampas' grass picks
2 wispy berry grass bush
2 pink filler bush
2 white filler bush

Evergreen Project

1 every green wreath
1 tan mesh
1 green mesh
1 cream mesh
1 burlap ribbon
1 zig zag loop ribbon
1 brown stripe ribbon
1 sign - Multiple options available
1 cream sunflower pick
3 tan berry bush
2 white pit berry bush
2 greenery bush
2 leaf filler bush

Grapevine Project

1 18in grapevine
1 roll lavender ribbon
2 yellow bush
2 blue bush
2 mixed floral bush